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Christian Betting – More than 25 years of experience in the financial sector. 

Christian Betting has more than 25 years of experience in the financial sector. Subsequent to finishing his Master of Science in Economics and Finance at Aarhus University, he launched his career as an equity analyst at Alfred Berg Stockbrokerage in 1988. In 1991, he started his own Investment Firm utilizing investors’ private pensions for investments.

During the following 15 years, Christian Betting grew this company and, in the process, created numerous investment projects with great benefit for society and its high-net-worth individuals and families. Given the many projects, Christian Betting developed not just a profound and dense network of professionals in the financial sector, but did also gain experience of how to develop a company from A to Z.

Solar Power in the Emirates

Should be a “No-brainer”

Christian Betting has always had a deep interest for clean energy.

As known, the United Arab Emirates are located in a regional area where the sun hours are the highest in the world. Thus, it should be a “No-Brainer” to utilize the energy in the region’s sunlight for power generation, according to Christian.

Despite possessing oil reserves for several decades to come, the energy generated from solar power utilizes a close to inexhaustible, and consequently, sustainable energy source. At the same time, the energy has zero CO2-emission, which is very beneficial for the environment given the Emirates extreme energy consumption generated by air-conditioning and salt-to-freshwater conversion needs.

If relying only on traditional oil and gas energy, the CO2-footprint of the Emirates is amongst the largest in the world, which is a contributing factor to the intensified focus on renewable energy in recent years.

Additionally, the price of solar generated power has declined rapidly during the last decade due to the exponentially growing innovation within solar technology.

A Strong Image for Branding Purposes

By producing clean and sustainable energy.

Today, the price of energy generated through solar power solutions has through time decreased and is today on a competitive level with coal and other fossil energy forms. The source of this price reduction is the constant innovation within solar power technology that has turned investing in solar plants a great financial opportunity for investors.

According to Christian Betting, there are several other an equally important positive effects of investing in clean energy in excess of the financial ones. With the major environmental challenges, including increased temperature, water levels and shifting weather patterns, stemming from global warming, it is crucial to reduce the CO2– emissions rapidly. If not done, the consequences will not just be devastating for humans, but also animals in the decades to come. For instance, the melting polar ice already now increases the ocean water levels, leading to more extreme weather, adversely influences ecosystems both above and below the surface.

As illustrated above, investing in the conversion from fossil-based energy sources to clean alternatives should not just be done for financial reasons but indeed also to obtain a brighter future for future generations. They will inherit the results that our decision-making today will convey.


A reliable and predictable energy output ensures the basis for strong financing

The upfront cost of establishing a solar plant is rather large. However, the plant’s technical and economical lifespan is likewise also very long and marked by a very high degree of predictability and reliability.

The underlying technology in solar power production is simple and reliable, delivering stable energy production across the producer guaranteed lifetime of 20-25 years on solar modules. However, in our experience, the modules are functional even longer than the guarantee suggests with only a minimal decay in power production efficiency. The reason is that the simplicity of the technology minimizes parts that can be broken to zero, and therefore secures no downtime and associated maintenance costs. In fact, the only cost is the cleaning of the modules, which is rather inexpensive.

When considering the energy production costs across all energy sectors, solar power has become very competitive given innovation in technology and production processes. This has been experienced to a point, where solar power is more cost-efficient than other energy forms, such as oil and coal, and is fully competitive compared to other green energy sources; wind power for example. In addition, the variation in the solar ray radiation is very low, lower than 0.38% across 10 years, and compared to wind power, ensures a stable energy output.

The highly reliable technology, its competitive energy production, the close to never-ending solar radiation and the long lifetime of solar modules provides the basis for a very attractive, low risk investment that leaves behind a better, more sustainable world. At the same time, the stable energy output, combined with our help in negotiating 20-year Power Purchase Agreements with governments and large organizations, fixes the electricity price ensuring investors very predictable and stable cash flows. Even without leverage, an investment in solar power is great, however, utilizing the available and attractive, low-cost senior financing covering up to 90% of the asset value, it quickly turns into a phenomenal one. This is, not to mention, its low correlation with the business cycles and the general stock market; making solar energy a very viable option. In total, solar energy investments present a golden opportunity in terms of low risk and high, stable returns – leaving generations to come with a bright future.

It is especially within solar energy that Christian Betting today uses his network. His experience and central contacts have often resulted in financing solutions covering more than 85-90% of asset value. This is of course obtained on the foundation of an attractive, solid and competitive senior financing.


It is not without reason that Denmark has been awarded the title “The Happiest Nation in the World”

Christian Betting can be characterized by much more than just an ambassador for clean energy, and in whatever activities he engages in he has a keen focus on a sustainable balance between work and private life.

When Christian Betting is not engaging in establishing new business relationships or promoting the benefits of clean energy in Dubai or elsewhere, he is enjoying a row of activities, often together with his family. Christian and his wife have consequently succeeded in implementing the Danish “work-life balance” in their Dubai lifestyle.

According to Christian, “long hours is not necessarily in contrast to having a life when not at work. It is not the number of hours alone that is crucial, but it is rather the psychological workload. There is no point in going home early if that leads to irritability, preoccupancy and stress resulting in spending most of one’s time on the phone checking emails.”

As humans, our performance is optimized when there is a balance between work and life. It provides the mental capacity to priorities and create value, and to establish great business relationships. When the work-life balance is present, we also become more innovative, produce less mistakes and can enjoy spare time with more energy and passion.

As Christian states, “with the right focus on the work-life balance, one can surely have a strong engagement in one’s work without getting burned-out.”


Control, overview and the ability to make lifesaving decisions.

Scuba Diving

When Christian Betting was 31 years old, he obtained his first PADI Diver’s Certificate in the Maldives. Subsequently, he progressed to obtain the PADI Advanced Open Water Certificate making him qualified for deep diving where depts of 40 meters are reached.

When diving at depths of this magnitude, the ability to perceive colors disappear alongside with the peripheral sight. Additionally, one sees all movement as influenced by stroboscopic light. Stated in different manner, the diver’s sight becomes very limited and he can only see what is right in front of him. At the same time, he will only be able to observe all movement with a lagging effect. This can be a very frightening experience, but at the same time also fascinating.

To obtain the advanced certificate, one has to engage in several dives during night time, a time where the adrenaline rush will be phenomenal. The night dives are often at a depth of around 20 meters, a level where everything gets pit-black at night and the only tool you have for navigation is a small flashlight. The demanding circumstances entail that one not only has a sharp focus on managing equipment such as lighting, air-supply and lead pieces correctly, but at the same time that one has a high degree of mental calmness and self-control. The reason is that not only are the surroundings very dark but one’s perception of gravity dissolves, leaving the diver guessing what would be up and down in a potential panic.

Despite the demanding night dives, under more reasonable conditions, Christian Betting’s passion for diving has offered him numerous exciting experiences in many parts of the word stretching from the Maldives, Thailand and Indonesia all the way to the Caribbean Islands.

During these dives, he has experienced all kinds of fish species such as sharks, stingrays, moraines, barracudas, seahorses and other colorful species. At the coral reefs, these have often been accompanied by gliding sea turtles.

In addition, some of the diving experiences has led Christian down to more exotic findings such as for instance a more than 100-year-old Spanish shipwreck with bronze cast canons. At this exciting dive, Christian was accompanied by his oldest son, who also participated in a subsequent dive at a fighter plane shot down during the Second World War.

As indicated, the passion for diving has been passed down to his oldest son and he decided to have his first dive already at the age of 10 subsequent to completing the PADI Diver’s Certificate. Since then, the two have had many unforgettable moments in marine life under the ocean surface.


Amazing fishing and natural exploration in Denmark

Christian, already as a child, had a keen interest in marine life, which not only has been pronounced through his passion for diving but also through his participation in sportfishing. Within this discipline, he has had all kinds of national fishing experiences from coast fishing for spearfish at Helsingor to boat fishing for cod and herring at the narrow sea between Denmark and Sweden.

In addition, experiences where fishing for plaice and turbot from his own dinghy together with family and friends at Samsoe, a small Danish island between Zealand and Jutland, have been great memories. At this island, time stands still given its beautiful landscape and calm woods close to the sea. Accordingly, it is not without reason that it has often been named the most beautiful island in the Danish Kingdom.

Coincidently, Samsoe has actually a very dedicated production of renewable energy resulting in a complete self-reliance on electricity generated from sources such as solar and wind power together with biogas.

Fishing overseas

According to Christian, the most memorable fishing experience he has had so far, happened during his thirties where he caught a Sailfish near the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. The catch was landed from a traditional wooden Longtail boat. The fight between Christian and the enormous Sailfish lasted hours and in order to make the fish tired the captain had to engage the boat. The battle was very tough since Christian only had a regular fishing rod, but at last he was able to get the fish into the small Thai boat. What a day!

Another exciting fishing trip was in the small emirate Fujairah, located north of Dubai. The Emirate offers amazing fishing opportunities and it is possible to catch large and colorful exotic fish in the Gulf of Oman just outside the Emirate’s coastline.

In terms of the passion passing through to the next generation as seen with the scuba diving, it has also been the case in relation to Christian’s passion for fishing, where especially his youngest son enjoys fishing trips whenever possible.


To Christian there is on difference in difficulty between skiing and riding a bike.


Already at the age of 6, Christian started skiing and his early start has today led to him being a very routinized skier. As he puts it himself, he is as routinized in skiing, as he is in bicycling. When it comes to skiing, the location is of utmost importance and his favorite skiing location is Val d’Isère in the French Alps – a place that offers a wide range of both challenging “black-levelled” and family friendly slopes. It is a particularly amazing skiing location because if the sun has melted the snow at the low altitudes, the area offers the opportunity to go to the two high altitude glitches, hosting more than 150 slopes in total.

After a great day at the slopes Christian often enjoys after ski with live music, dancing, also on the tables, and champagne showers, before attending one of the many great restaurants where the classic French food and wine are of the best quality.

The fact that the area also has some of the best after ski opportunities with its more than 300 kilometers of slopes probably also has had a saying in the winter holiday planning.

Christian and his family have also been skiing in Norway, Switzerland and Austria, however, it has always been Val d’Isère that has been the absolute favorite.

French Wine

Christian also enjoys culinary experiences where he has a deep interest and passion for wine and especially French wine. In this wine category, one of his favorites is from the district Pauillac located in Bordeaux. Particularly names such as Château Latour, Château Mouton Rothschild, Château Lafite Rothschild and Château Comtesse de Lalande are names on his list of favorites. However, he also adores the Château Talbot, which is only a 5. Cru, even though it is an outsider to the above area.

When it comes to the underlying grape sorts, his favorite is the Cabernet Sauvignon, which is also the dominating sort in the Pauillac area and it is particularly this grape that provides the great balance and aroma that results in the great wines.

However, Christian also often updates his knowledge within his wine passion and that is often done through a close following of the wine guru Robert Parkers – particularly if his advice is about the numerous and exciting wines from Pauillac. When it comes to sharing and discussing wine experiences, Christian also happily shares his out of knowledge and opinions, especially if itis in relation to the different bouquets, characters, bodies and elegance of the various Château years.

Unfortunately, subsequent to moving to Dubai, there has been an increased the difficulty for Christian in engaging in this passion. Particularly because Dubai is, as known, part of the Muslim culture and as a general rule, alcohol is forbidden here.

Even though, one as a European can obtain an alcohol license and it is possible to drink great wine at restaurants and larger hotels in the region, the selection is somewhat limited. Consequently, Christian is forced to enjoy his Pauillac and other French grapes when he is in Europe.


Business and pleasure in informal surroundings


Christian Betting has played golf in corporate settings for fun and networking since 2001, where his investment firm sponsored one of the leading golf tournaments in Denmark. As known, golf is a great way to establish business connections in informal surroundings.

After moving to Dubai, Christian has spent more time on the golf course than when in Denmark, also promoted by the fact that he is living next to one of the best golf courses the Emirateshave to offer. At this course, the European Tour has its finals, which just makes it that much better to play on with business acquaintances, family and friends.

Exercise & Fitness

Exercise should preferably be a part of everyone’s daily life. Consequently, Christian prioritizes to schedule sessions at the local fitness center now and then. When enjoying life, it is also important to keep in shape, specifically after a great glass of wine.

Also, as one ages, it is important to balance calorie intake with calorie burn, but even though Christian tries his best, just like most other people, the scheduled fitness center sessions do not cut it. The urgency of daily life and business often come in the way and consequently the common feeling of not having time or being in the mood for fitness kicks in.

Yet, as in business Christian knows that quitting is not acceptable and that is why he continues to establish a decent fitness routine. Luckily, Dubai has, just like Denmark, several great offerings in the fitness center category and as Christian expresses “Winners never quit, quitters never win.”


Far away from Dubai’s hectic business life.

Skeet Shooting

Many years ago, Christian obtained a hunting certificate in Denmark given his passion for shooting and wildlife. Therefore, when the opportunity shows itself, he loves to spend some hours at some of Dubai’s shooting ranges. Also, in terms of shooting ranges, Dubai does not disappoint and offers both facilities and security of the highest level. Thus, there are many opportunities for improving one’s skills in terms of shotgun shooting, both in the side-by-side and over and under category, and rifle shooting.

One of the many great options for an afternoon at the range is skeet shooting, a discipline where one practices target shooting after flying skeets that represents pigeons. As the real birds themselves, they fly in from all directions, heights, angles and distances and it is therefore crucial to stay calm and focused.

On top of that, the speed with which the skeets flies vary greatly and make requirements of for hitting every target vary greatly. The challenge of shooting in this discipline is something that Christian also enjoys with family, friends and business acquaintances. It requires concentration and peace of heart and is, therefore, a cool contrast to the Dubai fast-paced business life.