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Dubai’s solar energy can outshine traditional forms of energy

About Christian Betting

Christian Betting is a dedicated serial entrepreneur with a passion for finance and renewable energy. He is the CEO of Lighthouse Energy DMCC, one of the leading providers of renewable energy projects in Dubai, and is by business partners and customers characterized by his enthusiastic, easy-going and charismatic personality.
Through his leading role in Lighthouse Energy DMCC, he has been a pioneer within solar energy, where he has participated in transforming the industry, not just in Dubai, but in the MENA-region in general. However, his engagement goes beyond this region and today, it includes Asia, hereunder especially Vietnam, as well.

Like Selling Sand in the Desert

When Christian Betting relocated to Dubai in 2010, the excitement for solar power had not arrived yet, and his first meeting with the management of the Emirati Electricity Company was not exactly encouraging.
They didn’t support the solar power idea. Put differently, it was very difficult, just like selling sand in a desert.
At the time, the local focus was on oil and gas production and despite having intense sunlight all year around, it was more convenient to extract oil and gas from the underground and sell it at high market prices as tradition had dictated. However, this approach has subsequently been re-evaluated.