Smartest city in the world


A certain sustainable future of the Emirates

Dubai Smart City Vision   

Building on the foundation laid in 1999, when the government of Dubai announced its first information and communications technology (ICT) strategy, Smart Dubai was founded as an instrumental government body in 2014.

Anchored in the vision of H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President & Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, Smart Dubai was established to pave the way for Dubai to become the “Smartest City in the World”.

Transitioning into a smart city, and by collaborating with private and public sector partners, Smart Dubai envisions a future where the city’s resources are all optimized for maximum efficiency and services are seamlessly integrated into people’s lives. In other words, the existence of the Smart Dubai initiative perfectly complements the vision of H. H. Sheikh Mohammed to make Dubai the happiest city on Earth.


Lighthouse Energy is centrally located in the pulsating Business District of Dubai

Lighthouse Energy DMCC

Christian Betting is in charge of the daily operations of Lighthouse Energy DMCC given his role of managing director. The company is located in some of the most attractive surroundings Dubai has to offer, namely the Jumeirah Lakes Towers. The office has an amazing view from its top placement at the 33th floor over the world’s largest man-made marina, Dubai Marina.

Lighthouse Energy DMCC is an international firm offering advice regarding establishment of long-term renewable energy projects to a broad international clientele – of course these are mostly located in the MENA region, but they are also situated in other exciting areas such as Vietnam and Europe.

The consulting services offered by Lighthouse Energy DMCC covers all sorts of sustainable energy projects but particularly in recent years solar power. The offerings within the solar power area are both concerningconventional solar plants but also more innovative solutions where the solar panels are installed on top of parking facilities, hospitals and schools. In addition, the company has also considerable experience within intelligent and efficient implementation of energy saving and cutting-edge LED-systems.

As recognized, Dubai is functioning as a global business hub where considerable parts of global trade go through, especially in relation to the exponential growing trade with African countries. Consequently, given Lighthouse Energy’s central position in the clean energy sector, the positive externality of being located in Dubai has offered several invitations to participate in exciting energy projects including wind turbine farms on the African continent.

With the vastly different international profiles attracted to Dubai, Christian Betting has through the last 10 years at Lighthouse developed a truly multinational team of colleagues, possessing significant experience and skills within renewable energy constituting the core of the firm’s success. It is namely because of the many different geographical backgrounds of the Lighthouse team that the firm can offer tailored solutions irrespectively of geography and stage in the value chain. The services covers everything from A-Z within sustainable energy projects – all the way from planning and sourcing of the right partners to the efficient implementation of the project and securement of the right financing solution.

Therefore, the team behind the Lighthouse brand works determined to maximize the quality of the execution of these projects – particularly on the financing part, where the firm has a particularly strong team as this is part of the entire project’s backbone.

Establishing trust and peace at heart when consulting on projects are the key according to Christian Betting and, therefore, he states that at Lighthouse they are very selective when choosing partners for the projects they advise on. Only the leaders within solar panel production and LED systems are invited onboard.

Going forward, it is Christian Betting’s expectations that the transition to clean energy is only going to rapidly accelerate particularly within solar power, as it is the key to developing a sustainable energy production in the future decades.